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Meet Carrie

Carrie Sacco, RN has worked in the field of mental health since 1985.

Her observation of meal and snack offerings in hospital and respite settings caused her concern. The foods consumed by both staff and people seeking treatment were often in contradiction to promoting good health. With the desire to inspire change, Healthy Attitudes was created and implemented for the first time in 2017.

The name has since evolved into Inspiring Nutritional Choices and customized programs have been delivered to organizations serving adults and children and has included staff and therapists.



Carris Sacco, RN, FNC

Inspiring Nutritional Choices LLC



Carrie Sacco has worked in the field of psychiatry as a nurse since 1985. Her work has included inpatient, outpatient clinic, and in home settings. She has worked with both adolescents and adults.


While working in an inpatient setting she developed and instructed an  evening relaxation program and designed and implemented a stress reduction program for nursing staff.  Over the past several years she has worked with adults, including people who have developmental disorders as an advocate, educator, and promoter of health for people experiencing mental health disorders.


She also has an interest in writing and has written several articles including a series she co-wrote that were published in the Berkshire Eagle covering various aspects of mental health disorders in an effort to educate the general public.


Through Inspiring Nutritional Choices LLC, she works with people who have mental health challenges and their support systems. As a consultant she uses Motivational Interviewing and Supported Decision Making. These modalities work to inspire and coach staff and family along with people who live in group residential homes, treatment facilities, and individual or family homes. This all inclusive program guides the purchasing, preparation, and serving /eating of food containing quality nutrition. This program plants the seeds to create a culture of healthy nutrition. 



Functional Nutritional Alliance (Functional Nutrition Counselor)


Motivational Interviewing Intensive Training

American International College

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Activities and societies: 

Summa Cum Laude

Nursing Honor Society

Alpha Chi Honor Society

Lillian C. Solomon Nursing Academic Award 

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