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About the Program

Inspiring Nutritional Choices LLC is designed to create a culture of nutritious eating in individual homes, residential and treatment settings. Our program uses Motivational Interviewing and aspects of Supported Decision Making to inspire and coach:

• Individuals with mental health challenges, including people with developmental disorders.
• Staff, caregivers and famil

Inspiring Nutritional Choices LLC tailored programs are virtual or delivered in-person with sessions that include:

• Reviewing fundamental knowledge of what constitutes healthful eating.

• Identifying strengths in current nutrition practices.

• Identifying desired areas of focus.

• Exploring beliefs about change.

• Exploring motivation and confidence to create change in habits of nutrition.

• Reviewing styles of communication to inspire change in loved ones and people who are served.

Inspiring Nutritional Choices LLC supports the Massachusetts EO 509 Initiative, which says:

“Each state agency shall ensure that it purchases and provides food that meets defined nutrition standards...These guidelines shall govern the purchase and serving of food by state agencies, and shall ensure that persons served by such agencies are offered a broad choice of healthy, balanced meals and snacks..” EO 509 can be reviewed at:

**Carrie Sacco is not a nutritionist: for specific treatment needs one would need to talk to their doctor and their nutritionist** 

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